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Predictable. Consistent. Our hybrid dog training technique combines the best of all training methods, and eliminates many of the drawbacks of other techniques. The consistent rhythm and command structure sequence builds an important baseline applied in each of the 3 phases.

Immediate results will be seen in most cases.

phase 1

This is where we teach basic commands, and introduce a consistent command structure and language that will be used throughout all the training phases. Your dog will respond correctly to spoken commands without your use of body language. We’ll begin working on your dog’s impulse control.

If you are not having any major issues with your dog this may all you and your dog need or want. 

Happy Mixed Mastiff

phase 2

This phase focuses on improved reliability and impulse control. We introduce low-level distractions and show you how to communicate your wishes in a way your dog understands.

Improved communication really kicks in here, and your relationship with your dog will flourish as you both become more confident and nurture a mutual trust.

Some clients find that the reliability at this increased level of distraction meets their overall training goals.

Dogs in yard

phase 3

Phase 3 is designed to complete your dog’s off-leash training. Our hybrid training method avoids the need for harsh corrections. This phase allows you and your dog have a high level of bonding.

Rehabilitation of dog aggression and other serious issues may begin at some point during this phase, depending on your specific case.

Dog in flowers


These phases can be customized for a dog that needs aggression rehabilitation, confidence building, or more advanced training, such as Personal Protection or Service Dogs.

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