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Dog and butterfly


We  handle all cases; no dog is ever refused.

CBDW specializes in human and dog aggression rehabilitation and the management of behavioral concerns. Relying on behavioral science principles, our methods have roots in the “Foundation Style Dog Training System” (FSDT) of world-renowned dog trainer Mike D’Abruzzo of K9-1 Specialized Dog Training.


Whether you have a puppy, are looking for obedience training, or dealing with a difficult behavioral problem, CBDW puts systems in place for clients and their dogs by building deep and safe bonds, and creating management plans.

Some dogs need a management plan for life, helping them to remain loving pets.


My methods and those of the FSDT are clear, predictable, fair, calm, gentle and firm when needed. Dogs are rewarded with love and praise for working for my team or their caretakers, building confidence and trust.


Using the Foundation Training Method, you will gain confidence, and your dog will improve basic obedience, impulse control or reactivity behaviors.

Commands & Exercises

your dog will learn include:

Leave it
Lead & People Manners
Attention to name
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